Wide Band Communication Receiver DJ-X30E


High performance design captures short wave signals and more. Much more!

  • Compact design (only 220g or 7.1oz with battery and antenna) fits easily into pocket or purse
  • Receives 100 KHz to 1.3 GHz*
  • Triple conversion AM/NFM; double conversion WFM
  • AM/FM/WFM modes selectable
  • 1,000 memory channels in 10 banks; banks can be expanded up to 50 using a free downloadable, easy-to-program editor software
  • Remote-control and AUX capability with the optional EDS-12 cable
  • Five scan modes: Preset, programmed, memory, VFO and tone scan operating modes
  • Memory-skip setting in the memory mode and search-pass setting
  • Priority receive (stores up to 10ch priority channels in memory)
  • Internal AA battery lets you operate almost a full day!**
  • Three different antenna modes - earphone antenna, internal bar-antenna, and external SMA antenna; an optional external base-antenna can also be connected to the SMA port.
  • Auto or 16 different channel-steps to chose from
  • 2-Way Key-lock
  • Key-touch beep (on/off selectable), 39-tone Tone squelch, Attenuator (approx 20dB), Battery-save, Auto-Power-Off, Cable-clone, Monitor/Mute functions are just some examples of extremely loaded functions a DJ-X30 offers at no extra charge!
  • Pager (bell) function alerts you with a beep and an icon when a signal is received
  • Optional adapter can operate the receiver while simultaneously charging the Ni-MH AA cells.
  • Large, illuminated LCD screen capable of up to 6-digit alphanumeric display
  • Analog inversion-scramble decoder***


  • Receiver range: 0.100 - 1299.995 MHz (Cellular frequencies 824.000 - 849.995MHz, 869.000 - 894.995MHz blocked on T models )
  • Mode: FM,WFM,AM
  • Antenna Impedance: 50 ohm (SMA)
  • Supply voltage: DC 2.4V - 3.0V (Internal battery) DC 5.4V - 6.0V (external regulated source)
  • Ground: Negative ground
  • Current consumption: Reception:approx.140mA, Battery save(1:4)approx.26mA
  • Temperature range: -10 to +60 digC ( +14 to +140 digF)
  • Frequency stability: -7 to +3ppm(-10 to +60 digC)(+14 to +140 digF)
  • Dimension: 58(W) x99 (H) x32 (D) mm (Projections exclusive)
  • Weight: Approx. 220g or 7.1oz (antenna and AA batteries inclusive)
  • Receiver: Triple-conversion super heterodyne (NFM,AM), Double-conversion super heterodyne (WFM)
  • 1st IF: 243.95 MHz
  • 2nd IF: 39.15 MHz (NFM,AM) ,10.7MHz (WFM)
  • 3rd IF: 450 kHz (NFM,AM)
  • Selectivity: AM/FM -6dB/12 kHz or more , -60dB/35kHz or less, WFM -6dB/130kHz or more, -60dB/300kHz or more
  • Audio Output power: More than 100mW (8ohm)
  • Sensitivities (typical value, not a guaranteed value through-out the bands):
    FM (12dB SINAD) 30 - 470MHz : -15dBu (0.17uV) 470MHz or higher : -7dBu (0.45uV)
    WFM (12dB SINAD) 76 - 470MHz : -6dBu (0.5uV) 470MHz or higher : -3dBu (0.7uV)
    AM (10dB S/N) 0.1 - 50MHz : -1dBu (0.89uV) 50MHz or higher : -6dBu (0.5uV)
Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation. Cellular frequencies blocked on USA model. Unblocked versions available with proper documentation for authorized users only.

Standard accessory
Instruction manual / Whip antenna (EA-154) / face-panel / rubber-cushion / 3 screws (1 for belt-clip, 2 extras for face-panel)/ belt-clip / handstrap

Optional accessory
  • EBP-57N Ni-MH rechargeable cell pack (1.2V 1800mA x 2pcs)
  • EDC-154A (120V) / 153E (230V) / 135EUK (230V UK plug) trickle stand charger
  • EDH-33 cigar-plug DC conversion cable (12Vdc/24Vdc to 6Vdc)
  • EME-26 (curl-cord) / EME-6 (straight-cord) Earphones
  • ESC-44 softcase
  • ERW-4C (serial-port) / ERW-7 (USB port) PC interface cable
  • EDS-12 remote-controller

Welcome to DJ-X30 programming software download site.

Please be advised that this is a freeware (copy-right reserved by Alinco, Inc). Although we have tested this software on our Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP environments and experienced no serious accident during the operation, we are not responsible of any eventual damage caused to your radio and/or PC system by using this utility. Sorry, please ask NO questions for how to use this utility; up-dates will be posted here as soon as it will be released. It is recommended that you remove the older version before you install the latest one in case of update. In case you find a bug, please report to
export@alinco.co.jp specifying your OS.

This software enables you to program frequencies, set parameters and save it in your PC for any version of DJ-X30 (US, Europe and Japanese X8). The 800MHz cellular band can't be modified by any means, and inversion scrambler decoder feature is blocked for the "T" model according to the U.S. legal requirements. By using this utility, the Preset mode (TV/FM/AM broadcasting) bands will be overwritten to the default data of the model chosen at the "model" check-circle on the Setting 1 tab. Please make sure to correctly choose the model of your own before writing data to your DJ-X30.

DJX30editor (Ver.0.95 Beta May 14, 2007/2.5MB)

Please remember that you must have Alinco's optional ERW-4C or ERW-7 computer interface cable in order to connect the unit to your PC. A simple connection cable may not work properly. The USB conversion cable may not work properly with ERW-4C either, in this case please try ERW-7 or the conversion cable of different makes or use the PC with a serial port.

To operate this software please refer to the instruction manual of the X30. The Import/Export features allow you to edit the memories with CSV file and perhaps this is the easiest way to program the memory data.
DJ-X30E Band-plan Update information

The band-plans applied to the units starting from M200901 (and up) are here. (PDF/20kB)