New Generation Credit Card Sized VHF/UHF DUAL-BAND Micro Transceiver
Frequency Coverage: T/USA model
TX/RX: 144-147.995MHz/420-449.995MHz
RX: 88.1-107.995/108-173.995/380-511.995MHz AM/FM/WFM

E/EU model
TX/RX: 144-145.995MHz/430-439.995MHz
RX: 87.5-107.995MHz WFM
Modulation: TX: 16k0F3E (FM)

RX: WFM/FM/AM (where permitted)

Receiver System: Double Conversion Super-heterodyne (WFM: Single CSH)
Channel Step: Auto/5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50/100/125/200KHz
Memory Channels: 200ch with 5 PS pairs, 1 priority and 1 auto-repeater pair
Tone Encoder: 39 tone encoder standard
Tone Decoder: 39 tone decoder standard
Offset range: 0 ~ 99.995MHz
Deviation: +/- 5KHz
TX Output: 300mW with EBP58N / 500mW with 6Vdc power-source
TX Spurious emissions: less than -60dB
Frequency Stability: -7 to +3ppm (-10 ~ + 50 degrees C.)
Sensitivity (12dBSINAD): Ham-bands VHF: -14dBu UHF: -12dBu / WFM -3dBu average
Selectivity: +/-12KHz or more(-6dB) +/-35KHz or less (-60dB)
I.F.: 1st: 50.85MHz(WFM 10.7MHz) 2nd: 450KHz  
AF output: 100mW or more (MAX), 90mW or more (10% dist. 8 ohm) at 6.0Vdc
Power Supply Requirements: 3.7Vdc EBP58N / 3.7 - 6.0Vdc external power source
Current Drain (approx) : TX: 320mA / RX (squelched): 70mA / RX (BS-on): 19mA
Operating Temperature: -10 ~ +60 degrees C, 14 ~ 140 degrees F
Dimensions: 56(W) x 96(H) x 14.5(D)mm (without projections) 

or 2.28 x 3.78 x 0.57 inches

Weight: approx. 102g or 3.59oz antenna/EBP58N inclusive

Specifications subject to change without notice or obligation

200 memory channels
CTCSS tone encoder / decoder standard
Volume/Squelch control
Auto power OFF 
Mic/Earphone/DC jack
TX lamp
Free offset
Multiple European tone bursts
Battery save mode                

STANDARD Two-hour charger/adapter EDC-126(T:120V)/128(E:220V)
STANDARD EBP58N Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 
STANDARD EA116 Removable rubber whip SMA antenna with a connector cap
EMS-60 Speaker Microphone
EME-24 Earphone/microphone
EME-18 Earphone
EDH-32 Cigarette lighter cable
ESC-38 Softcase


Welcome to DJ-C7 programming software download site.

Please be advised that this is a freeware (copy-right reserved by Alinco, Inc). Although we have tested this software on our Windows 98/ME/2000/XP environments and experienced no serious accident during the operation, we are not responsible of any eventual damage caused to your radio and/or PC system by using this utility. This software enables you to program parameters, edit frequencies and save data in your PC on any version of DJ-C7 (US, Europe and Japan).

DJC7editor (5.05MB)

Please remember that you must have Alinco's optional ERW-4C computer interface cable in order to connect the unit to the serial port on your PC. The USB connection using a conversion cable may not work properly. Please read the readme file in the folder for instruction. Because the software is simple enough, this is the only instruction we provide for this software and we reserve right not to reply to inquiries about how to use the software. If you may have found bugs please report it to Have fun!